This will be a diary of my NWA promotion that I will be booking for Billionaire Ted Turner, who hired me to run the business. Please follow along as all the exciting events unfold.

Friday, February 26, 2010

In the Beginning

I was hired in the first week of September, 1989, and I will be picking things up here in the diary in the 3rd week of December. The main things you should know so far is that I have created a brand split in the company, breaking it into a established NWA and a takeoff called WCW, World Championship Wrestling. As of right now, I have two television shows, with one being “NWA Worldwide” and the other “WCW Saturday Night.” I’ve also up to this point held four PPV shows, “Fall Brawl,” “Halloween Havoc,” “Clash of Champions,” and the biggest the company will run, “Starrcade.”

There have been some titles changing hands over most of the companies titles, but the main one being the NWA World Heavyweight Title, it has yet to leave Ric Flair’s hands. He’s held the title twice against Bret Hart, once against Jim Neidhart and finally at Starrcade against Sting. For the WCW World Heavyweight Title, Terry Funk won it first, dropped it to Lex Luger and just won it back again at Starrcade. The promotion also bought the “Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling” belt, which most of the wrestlers recognize as being a very prestigious belt, and it was won at Starrcade by Bret Hart. I’ll be picking the diary up at this point, just past Starrcade and will go on from here.

NWA Owner, Ted Turner

NWA Head Booker,
     Greg Moe

 Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling Belt
Tournament Belt Won at "Starrcade" Each Year


Mark said...

Very interesting diary. May Ric Flair be champion forever!

Mark said...

The pic of the NWA head booker is very frightening.